Social Distance Dating Ideas: Dinner Date Edition

Want to spice up your online dating life but not sure how? Here are a few fun, intimate, and safe dinner date ideas!

#1 Cook a meal neither of you has had before together over Zoom, maybe something of a different ethnic background. Sit and eat together afterward. This is sure to be a night of fun with a sense of adventure.

#2 Cook each other’s favorite recipe. This gives you a chance to guide one another through the process. This dinner date is more intimate than our first choice. Since you had this meal before, recommend the perfect drink to pair with the meal. Of course, eat together after.

Neither you nor your date into cooking? The next two options are for you!

#3 Using your favorite food delivery app, order a meal from a restaurant neither of you has had before. Again preferably a new type of food for both of you. As a trust exercise, choose each other’s entre. This is fun and gives you a chance to see how well you’ve learned about each other so far.

#4 Order your dates favorite meal from their favorite restaurant for yourself, and vice versa. This is a great way to learn about each other and will definitely start a fun conversation.

Now that you have new and exciting ideas, go have fun!

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